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Clarity, Confidence, and Control of your Future

Are you a recent college grad?  Congratulations! Well done!  You’ve conquered the campus and life as a college student.  You’re excited to begin a fresh start in the workforce, but you’re slightly overwhelmed with navigating your new job, long hours, living on your own, making new friends, and budgeting your time along with your paycheck. 


Get a JUMP START on leading your life well by finding the right structure and balance. We will work together to develop your unique SMART goals to get you on your desired path and establish the balance you crave.  We will also discuss how to overcome obstacles. How do you know coaching is right for you? If you hear yourself saying any of the following, then please contact me.


  • "I'm excited, but a little anxious, too."

  • "How do I begin?"

  • "I have no time for me!"

  • "I am so scheduled; I miss college."

  • "I am motivated, yet feel I have no clear direction."


YES! All of these emotions are COMPLETELY normal! Let's set up a life path from the very start that you can follow and help you feel confident.


By allowing yourself to be guided, you can expect to see the following results:

  • Clarity, Confidence, and Control

  • A defined purpose and plan with benchmarks

  • Empowerment

  • Balance


I work with individuals and groups in my office, on the phone, or via web based conferencing. 

Meeting of young business people in a mo
 Schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation today.
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