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Grieving with Hope 
Moving forward through Grief, Day-by-Day

If you came across this page, you and/or someone you care about are grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of the life you planned. I offer my sincere condolences on the loss you are facing right now.  I know your hopes and dreams have been shattered and your life has been forever changed.  You have been given membership in a club that you never asked to join.  You may be in shock if your loss is recent, or you may have been grieving for years. Your story is unique to you.


Did you know that, according to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale, there are 43 life events that are most liable to create feelings of grief, and in turn cause illness and other health-related problems? And, did you know that unresolved grief can present as depression and anxiety? 


In addition to being a Certified Professional Life Coach, I am also a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and a Certified Grief Coach through The Institute of Professional Grief Coaching. It is my honor, privilege, and calling to walk with you as you move forward through your grief. There is hope in the storm, although it probably doesn't feel that way right now. 

Whether you want specialized grief coaching for a specific loss or if the feelings of grief evolve in a personal coaching session, I have the tools and resources to help you move forward from these normal feelings of grief. You are not  alone. Please do not suffer in silence. 


  • "I just don't see a way out of this empty feeling."

  • "They were my everything. I lost a part of me."

  • "I miss my mom,  I miss my dad."

  • "I miss my child. My heart is broken"

  • "I am having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning."

  • "How will I go on?"

  • "My purpose and light are gone." 

  • It's been five years since he died and I am still so very lost"


 If grieving the loss of a loved one, together we will:

  • Accept the fragility of life and the reality of death.  Take time to talk and grieve. Be able to honor the life and continue the legacy of your loved one.

  • Begin blending old routines, habits, and traditions with newer ones to create a renewed awareness of self.

  • Accept the continuance of your own life and take action to embrace your future.

  • Move forward beyond the grief and create and enjoy a fulfilled life of love and gratitude.


If feelings of grief have surfaced for another reason, together we will:

  • Identify and accept the feelings of grief. Knowledge is power.

  • Realize that you do not need a fix or cure, as grief is a normal reaction to any loss

  • Use a loss graph to become aware of your feelings

  • Accept the continuance of your own life and take action to embrace your future.

  • Decide to move forward and say yes to all that is waiting for you.

I work with individuals and groups in my office, on the phone, or via web-based conferencing.

Let's get started! I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Lawrence Wilcock

 Schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation today.


  • ​Understanding loss, grief, and the grieving process

  • Recognizing the many faces of grief

  • Emotions Chart

  • Knowing the myths and avoiding the pitfalls

  • Validating the uniqueness of the grief experience

  • The Grief-o-Gram Project

  • Confronting the reality of death


  • ​Creating rituals for remembrance

  • Affirming the lessons learned and legacy left

  • The Firsties Project

  • Integrating loss into life

  • Recognizing the “F” Factor: Fear, Forgiveness, and Faith

  • Creating new routines and activities


  • The Pruning Project

  • Taking responsibility for a renewed life

  • The Wheel of Life Project

  • Developing a new self-identity

  • The search for meaning and purpose

  • The P.E.T. Project

  • The Create Your Legacy Project


  • ​The Future You Project

  • The 50 Smiles Project

  • Giving yourself permission to move beyond grief

  • Finding gratitude in the present

  • Saying Yes! to it all

  • The Personal Power Plan Project

  • Evaluating Your Support System

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