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Becoming the best parent for your children

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Even the most prepared, best of the best parents need to stop and reflect on how, why, and what messages they send to their family, verbally and non-verbally. Look at these common questions parents ask themselves. Can you relate? 



  • I don't know if I am doing this parenting thing right.

  • Why can I not get through to my kids?

  • My child is asking tough questions

  • Help! My sweet son has suddenly become a teen and doesn't like us.

  • I don't feel connected to my children. We're all in different directions.

  • Is it possible to get my family to enjoy a family gathering without begging?



My husband and I have parented and launched two grounded and successful young adults, and no two paths are the same! Children, tweens, teens, and millennials are unique individuals within the same family. As your coach, we will discover the best possible path to parenting your child with peace of mind and abundant love. 

I work with individuals and groups in my office, on the phone, or via web-based conferencing. 

Let's get started! I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Lawrence Wilcock



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